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Teaching Troab

Teach for profit and share experiences

Teachers of note-taking skills and shorthand are needed in education, business and the professions.

You do not need to be a fast writer of shorthand – you need enthusiasm, a clear understanding of the principles of the Troab method and a passion to share your skills.

Teaching the Troab method of shorthand can be fun and rewarding.

The simplicity of the system is quickly mastered and students are enthusiastic with the ease of learning.

Teach Basic level (Speed-writing)

Troab has been designed with only a small set of consistently applied rules (fewer than other shorthand methods) and these are quickly mastered.

Students can double their normal longhand writing speed in a matter of a few hours of practice.

Seminar-workshops introducing Basic Troab can be effective and profitable.

Student Tutorial Groups are a fun way to learn Troab. MORE

Teach Professional level  

Teaching the Professional level builds on the Basic level foundation and uses the full set of Troab consonant forms.

Troab compares favourably with other shorthand systems, e.g. Teeline, Pitman, Gregg; Troab has fewer rules, is simple and easier to learn in less time and is fast to write (it has a small ‘word footprint’ ).

Enthusiasm and motivation – ‘a skill for life’.

A good teacher is excited and enthusiastic about shorthand and conveys that excitement to others.

Potential note-taking students;

An enthusiastic teacher of Troab finds a wide range of potential students in education and the work-place.


Occasional ‘note-takers’ need a simple method of speed-writing; this includes everyone involved in ‘education’ from teenage students through college and further education, university and beyond (‘a skill for life’)

We live in an age of life-long learning. Writing notes involves the student in a particularly personal way and is itself part of the learning process.

Learning the skills of note-taking leads to better grades and higher pass rates in examinations.


In the world of business and management notes are taken at meetings at all levels for decision-making and action.

Wherever decisions are being made they need to be recorded; writing with pen and paper is the most versatile and effective method of note-taking.

Throughout the office and in the Board-Room note-taking is needed.

"The higher you go in an organization the more shorthand is needed”.


Introducing Basic Troab can be effective and profitable. These may be held in-house with an organisation or as an independent presentation.

Professional note-takers

Include journalists, reporters and professional personal assistants at senior level in all subject fields including medicine and the law.

Teaching resources available

Printed textbooks

(available from booksellers)

‘Simply Fast’
a comprehensive presentation of Troab Professional level.

Available from Booksellers and Online.

‘Basic shorthand’’
the textbook of Alpha-level speed-writing.

Available from Booksellers and Online.

‘Take Note’
an introduction to the skills of note-taking (this includes a short course in Alpha Basic speed-writing together with Alpha-Keyboard).

Available from Booksellers and Online.

Learning Resources

The following online learning resources are available.

Troab Basic level Speed-writing

Invitation Tutorial


Troab Professional level

Introduction Tutorial

(Overview of the principal features)


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