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Basic shorthand level

(Alpha-Script speedwriting)

Designed for speed

The system is designed around the most frequently occurring letter sounds, R and L, T, D, N and S.

The integrated method enables easy progression from Basic to Professional level if the need arises to increase writing speeds above 100 words a minute.

Basic level speed-writing

Designed for simplicity of learning and writing

Troab Basic shorthand is simple speed-writing for general note-taking in the classroom or office.

Troab is an integrated shorthand method.

The abbreviation rules are common at both levels.


Alpha-Keyboard is a version of the Basic level adapted for use on a QWERTY keyboard.

Comment on Keyboard

Although writing notes with pen and paper is more versatile, using a keyboard at certain times may sometimes be convenient at lectures or in the library, particularly where some subsequent editing will be done.

The keyboard can be very fast in creating letters or characters, but it has its own limitations.

All letters are created equally with a single key depression and the speed at which Keyboard can be written is dependent upon the writer’s keyboarding skills.

Learning resources

A range of learning resources is available for students and teachers.

Basic Shorthand Alpha-script Speed Writing Roy B. Tabor

'Basic Shorthand’
Alpha-Script Speed Writing

For general note-taking.

Tanfield House, 2013
ISBN  079-1-291-51078-2

A comprehensive textbook for self-study or classroom teaching with practice work.

Includes an introduction to note-taking and Alpha-Keyboard.

Available from Booksellers and online.

Take Note Roy B. Tabor

‘Take Note’ Note-taking skills and techniques

For classroom or office.

Tanfield House, 2018
ISBN, 978-1-78222-551-5

Includes a course in Basic shorthand (Alpha-Script) and Alpha-Keyboard.

Available from Booksellers and online.

Student Tutorial Groups (Self-study)

The simplicity of the Troab shorthand method (Basic level) enables a self-study approach.

Groups of 3 students share the learning/tutorial experience; taking turns to lead at subsequent sessions (learning through teaching).


Using pen and paper is still the most flexible and useful way to make notes at any time or in any location.

But normal hand-writing (longhand) is slow, and when written quickly tends to lose legibility.

Using a speed-writing technique enables easy-to-read fast note-taking for all occasions.

Clearly, the act of writing, the active involvement of the listener is an important part of education and all learning.

Boosts focus and attention

Summarise and retain key points

Improves organization skills

A transferable skill – Classroom – Office – Boardroom – Interviews

Have pen & paper – Go anywhere!

What others say about Troab

Alpha-Script (Basic level) is used by college students in the U.S.A.

One reviewer wrote;

“In America Alpha Script is popular among college students, who use it for writing their notes. Like all of Roy Tabor’s books this is an exemplar of clarity and simplicity.  It is easy to work through without the assistance of a tutor.

“Alpha Script may be described as accelerated or streamlined speedwriting – it is suitable to use consistently as a sensible single alternative in place of both ordinary speedwriting and [conventional] shorthand”.

Wiseman, USA, blog, 25.6.2011

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