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Information about note-taking skills and the Troab* shorthand / speed-writing method.

Troab* is a unique integrated shorthand system that can be written at two levels to meet different note-taking needs.

*pronounced ‘tr-oh-b’

Why take notes?

"Tell me, I forget,
Show me, I remember,
Involve me and I understand”.

Writing notes from speech involves you in what is being said.

  • In education the act of making notes is itself part of the learning and understanding process.
  • In the office and every-day life we make notes as a record and basis for future action.
  • Professional note-takers write a verbatim record to edit for futher action.

The Troab script shorthand method of note-taking 

"A skill for life”.

Created in 1946 and published as ‘Troab Shorthand’ (1951), Troab is an integrated two-level script-based shorthand method.

A common core of abbreviation rules is applied at both levels building on more than four hundred years of shorthand design and writing experience.

Basic shorthand level

(Alpha-Script speedwriting)

The speed-writing approach for general note-taking in the classroom, the office, Board-room or at meetings - uses the writer’s own familiar script letters.

Learn more about Basic Alpha-scriptView Introductory Tutorial

Troab-Professional level

The shorthand method for high-speed verbatim reporting at writing speeds of more than 100 words a minute.

Used by Journalists, reporters and specialist office personnel.

Learn more about Troab ProfessionalView Introductory Tutorial

(Overview of the principal features)

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